fresh vegetables

Vegetable salad is usually served along with Indonesian cuisine. Fresh vegetable salad resembles that found in many western food, although it is typical for fresh vegetable salad vegetables that are not eaten with sauce or spices. Commonly eaten with rice salad and other side dishes (fried chicken, fried fish, chili, etc.). Vegetables commonly used include lettuce, long beans, cucumber, tomato, papaya, cassava leaves and basil. Vegetables are usually served in a raw state or to vegetables such as cassava leaves and papaya leaves before boiling it first. Because it consists of a lot of uncooked vegetables, salad contains a lot of fiber is good for digestion.


fresh vegetables is a healthy natural foods. many benefits of fresh vegetables we eat, but free from harmful substances, but it also can add nutrients from the vegetables that we consume naturally.
vegetables are also very good for health especially for beauty. in addition to natural food ingredients and no cooking, vegetables are also a lot of foods that meet nutritional elements that are still natural and fresh.
vegetables are also often provided with various forms of various foods. such as: cucumber, cabbage, long beans, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, and others. and add in the sauce as a complement to food.


today, fresh vegetables is one of the healthy food is cheap and stout Nutrition contains a natural substance also must be free of preservatives are commonly found in many prepared foods.


vegetables are also foods that are easy to serve without having us cook it. quite simply in the clean and the drain after that can be directly sajiakan with rice or bread according to taste.

Healthy foods are foods that meet nutritional needs of the body
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be free from the kinds of dangerous kinds of addictive substances.

vegetables are the answer.

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